a viewmaster powered by AI

Team: Betuel Benitez

Type: Industrial Design

Year: 2023

Dreamer is a handheld viewing device that transports users into alternative worlds. Using reality sensors, the device streams vision data to a diffusion model like Midjourney or Dall-E to develop images. The wrist strap encourages users to travel with the device and capture possible realties along their adventures.

At the moment, users interact with generative AI programs through a web based platform by inputting text prompts and images. Dreamer imagines this technology in a new form factor, allowing users to scroll through visual styles, and click to capture their favorite image similar to a camera. This change in context allows for a more personalized viewing experience reminiscent of the View-Master toy. The form of the device is soft, like a pebble, inviting users to pick it up and look through the lenses.


Chris Ference is a multidisciplinary designer focused on developing more intuitive interactions with generative AI systems in creative applications.