Leash Bag

all-in-one walk bag
E. Wiegmann, E. Yohman, C.Ference
Industrial Design

The Spruce Pup brand was founded to make exploring the world with your pet easier. With the Leash Bag, we wanted to create a product for the everyday adventures you have while walking or hiking with your pup.

We strived to design a bag that holds everything needed for an enjoyable, stress-free walk with your pup.

Taking your dog for a walk can be a chore. You need to remember to bring doggie bags, treats while also juggling your phone, keys, and other personal belongings. Current products on the market solve these struggles individually but not collectively.
A primary responsibility of mine for this project was to draft and cut patterns that would then be sewn. I was challenged to create these patterns with few panels to simplify construction and reduce labor cost.
After arriving at a rough shape in 3D, we explored the various layouts of pockets and clasps to best accommodate user’s belongings. Through the creation of detailed tech packs, we communicated with vendors to produce the bag while maintaining our intent.
The treat pouch allows you to reward your pup with their favorite snack for training or simply good behavior.
The doggie bag pocket allows users to Insert a roll and feed them through the front of the leash bag for easy access.

Through the Leash Bag’s development, I was exposed to the rigorous process required to bring an idea to market while maintaining design intent. I was able to contribute to all parts of this process from idea generation, to model making, and content creation among other things.


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